Dr. Rowan Rustem Molnar

Australian Medical Professional

Experienced Anaesthetist and Surgeon

Dr. Rowan Molnar, an international speaker in the field of medical education, is an acknoledged expert in the establishment, deployment and implementation of imitation-based teaching.

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Dr. Rowan Rustem Molnar

Dr Rowan Rustem Molnar is an Australian medical professional with rich experience in anaesthesia, clinical surgery, orthopaedic surgery, tumour, plastic, and reconstructive surgery, and related areas.

Presently, he is the Head of Discipline, Anaesthesia at the University of Tasmania, Staff Specialist Anaesthetist at Launceston General Hospital, and ECronicon Anaesthesia Editorial Panel Member at ECronicon.


Dr Rowan Rustem Molnar

Dr Rowan Rustem Molnar Published a New Book on Healthcare in March 2016